You Already Different !! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

2017-03-21 10:33:42

Don’t try to be different, as you already own traits, habits, behaviors and emotions distinct and sometimes contradicted from others. Be...

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The 5 Signs to Quit Your Job and Shift Career! By Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

2017-03-21 10:35:20

Most of us have good days and bad days at the office, But what if Bad Days became the Dominant? .The coming 5 Signs will tell you if you should start...

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Congratulations, you're now HR Strategic Partner! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

2017-03-21 10:38:22

For a long time, HR went in depth of administration works like filing, personnel, Compliance and became busy enough to understand that business...

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10 Rules to Become an Effective Manager

2017-03-21 10:40:26

They are Non Forgettable managers as they touched our soul by the handsome and smart way they dealt with us. In the coming lines, let's give you...

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HR from Reactive to proactive Are you still waiting a Hero ? 7steps to be the hero ! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

2017-03-21 10:42:14

"They didn't do their Job" , "they couldn't understand the HR language" They didn't help us! All above...

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